Welcome to Phone Book Saver Web Application

You can store and manage all your mobile's data online via syncML synchronization.

Using the service you can backup the valuable data from your mobile handset to a secured storage and easily recover it when you want, anytime and anywhere.

Lock & Wipe Main Page

To give users more protect on their data, a new feature of BurpSync called as Lock & Wipe with GPS feature is available now. It is a high technology function to allow users to detect their device's location remotely, or send a command to device remotely to lock down or wipe (Master Reset) it.

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How to Register
Just type SUB and send SMS to 400
1. Type SUB
2. Send SMS to 400
3. You will receive a confirmation SMS
4. Type Y
5. Send SMS to 401
6. You will receive a success subcribe SMS
*Monthly subscription fee: Rs.20 + Tax
Retrieve Password
Just type PASS and send SMS to 408
1. Type PASS
2. Send SMS to 408
3. You will receive a SMS with your password

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